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Contract Number: TXMAS-4-7110140
Effective Date: 05/19/2009 - 05/18/2014


Series Name:
All series
% Discount:
57.9% off list price and add 1.5228% to net price
Additional Quantity Discount:
For detailed information, please refer to the inside cover of the GSA pricelist.
Quick Ship Programs:
Quick ship are available on specific products - see price list or contact dealer for more information.
Installation Costs:
Quoted on a per job basis.
Shipping/Delivery Costs:
Quoted on a per job basis.

Order Instructions
  • For orders placed directly to Highmark by a State Agency, please name the local dealer.
  • For orders placed by a dealer, please attach a copy of the State Agency purchase order.
Highmark Contact Information
  Vendor: Highmark
  Street Address: 5559 McFadden Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  Telephone: (714) 903-2257
  Toll Free Number: (800) 441-4975
  Ordering Fax Number: (714) 903-0644
  Remit Address: 5559 McFadden Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  Attention of: Customer Service
5559 McFadden Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  Telephone: (714) 903-2257
  Toll Free Number: (800) 441-4975
  Web Site: www.highmarkergo.com

  Highmark Servicing Dealers
  Company: Armstrong Office Concepts
  Address: 3205 Dwyer Lane
Flower Mound, TX 75022
  Telephone: 214-697-3661
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Julie Armstrong
  Email Address: juliea@armstrongofficeconcepts.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-12
  Company: Broussard Group
San Antonio, TX
  Telephone: 210-224-6220
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Bret E. Broussard Sr.
  Email Address: bbroussard@broussardgroup.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-28
  Company: Business Interiors
  Address: 1111 Valley View Lane
Irving, TX 75061
  Telephone: 817-858-2052
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Sally Smith
  Email Address: ssmith@businessinteriors.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-9
  Company: Business Interiors by Staples - Austin, Staples Contract and Commercial, Inc.
Chicago, IL
  Telephone: 713-934-6302
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Pam Oliver
  Email Address: pam.oliver@staples.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-27
  Company: Business Interiors by Staples - Corpous Christi, Staples Contract and Commercial, Inc.
Chicago, IL
  Telephone: 713-934-6302
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Pam Oliver
  Email Address: pam.oliver@staples.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-30
  Company: Business Interiors by Staples - Houston, Staples Contract and Commercial, Inc.
Chicago, IL
  Telephone: 713-934-6302
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Pam Oliver
  Email Address: pam.oliver@staples.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-29
  Company: Computer Comforts, Inc.
  Address: 367 Columbia Memorial Pkwy.
Kemah, TX 77565
  Telephone: 281-535-2288
  Fax Number: 281-488-4272
  Contact: Vincent J. Barletta
  Email Address: vince@computercomforts.com
  Company: Contract Resource Group
Houston, TX
  Telephone: 713-803-0100
  Fax Number:
  Contact: David Evans
  Email Address: evansd@crgoffice.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-35
  Company: Cornerstone Business Interiors
  Address: 11345 West Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78213
  Telephone: 210-655-3375
  Fax Number: 210-656-3375
  Contact: Christina Gonzalez
  Email Address: cgonzalez@cornerstonebusint.com
  Tax ID: 1-46-0511464-5
  Company: Corporate Express - Arlington
  Address: 2230 Avenue J
Arlington, TX 76006
  Telephone: 817-530-2300
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Twana Washington
  Email Address: twana.washington@cexp.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-5
  Company: Corporate Express - Houston
  Address: 6400 Hollister
Houston, TX 77040
  Telephone: 713-934-6400
  Fax Number: 713-934-6273
  Contact: Rosie Stieb
  Email Address: rosie.stieb@cexp.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-2
  Company: Corporate Source, Ltd.
Dallas, TX
  Telephone: 214-468-0468
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Cheryl Patek
  Email Address: cpatek@corporatesource.org
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-23
  Company: El Paso Automated Office & Industrial System, Inc.
  Address: 11045 Argal Court
El Paso, TX 79935
  Telephone: 915-590-1992
  Fax Number: 915-590-3993
  Contact: David Vega
  Email Address: automatedsyst@aol.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-6
  Company: Facility Interiors, Inc.
  Address: 7110 Old Katy Road, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77024
  Telephone: 713-585-7866
  Fax Number: 713-585-7800
  Contact: John McGuire
  Email Address: johnm@FMGI.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-15
  Company: Furniture for Business
Austin, TX
  Telephone: 512-833-9000
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Midge Fletcher
  Email Address: midge@furnitureforbusiness.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-18
  Company: InFurTec / Distributor
  Address: P.O. Box 1179
Kemah, TX 77565
  Telephone: 832-864-2234
  Fax Number: 832-864-2235
  Contact: John M. Griffin
  Email Address: john@InFurTec.com
  Tax ID: 57-1222176
  Company: Intelligent Interiors, Inc.
  Address: 16837 Addison Road Suite 500
Addison, TX 75001
  Telephone: 972-716-9979
  Fax Number: 972-980-1661
  Contact: Allison Brown
  Email Address: abrown@intellegentinteriors.net
  Tax ID: 75-26508340
  Company: J. Tyler Services, Inc.
  Address: 5920 Milwee St.
Houston, TX 77092
  Telephone: 713-468-2166
  Fax Number: 713-468-2480
  Contact: Jennifer Longbotham
  Email Address: info@jtyler.com
  Tax ID: 76-0027106
  Company: Jimenez Contract Services, Ltd.
  Address: 1246 Silber Road
Houston, TX 77055
  Telephone: 713-681-6407 x 106
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Blake Blazek
  Email Address: bblazek@j-c-s.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-11
  Company: JKC Designs, Inc.
  Address: 3985 County Road, 406
McKinney, TX 75071
  Telephone: 972-542-7225
  Fax Number: 972-542-7245
  Contact: Jan Christensen
  Email Address: jan@jkcdesigns.com
  Company: Mckinney Office Supply
  Address: 117 West Louisiana Street
Mckinney, TX 75069
  Telephone: 972-562-5020 x 21
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Gerry Ruschhaupt
  Email Address: gerryr@mckinneyofficesupply.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-13
  Company: Nelson Interiors
  Address: 5417 Bandera Rd., Ste #601
San Antonio, TX 78238
  Telephone: 210-684-2624
  Fax Number: 210-684-3214
  Contact: Robbie J. Nelson
  Email Address: Robbie@nelsoninteriors.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-3
  Company: Office Design Concepts, LLC
Houston, TX
  Telephone: 713-484-7762
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Joseph Sylvan
  Email Address: joseph@odc-llc.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-25
  Company: Office Source
  Address: 4070-B Summerhill Square
Texarkana, TX 75503
  Telephone: 903-794-3113
  Fax Number: 903-794-4143
  Contact: Robert Davis
  Email Address: rdavis@osource.net
  Tax ID: 75-2483790
  Company: OfficeSource Ltd
  Address: 1617 E Commerce Bldg 5 Ste 2
San Antonio, TX 78299
  Telephone: 210-212-7742
  Fax Number: 210-212-8845
  Contact: Dean Glass
  Email Address: dean@o-ltd.net
  Tax ID: 74-2774683
  Company: Officewise Furniture and Supply
Amarillo, TX
  Telephone: 806-766-8888
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Tommy Sansom
  Email Address: tsansom@officewiseco.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-36
  Company: OM Workspace
Ottowa, IL
  Telephone: 713-937-2077
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Carrie Karris
  Email Address: carriekarris@omworkspace.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-34
  Company: One Office Furniture
  Address: 727 West Davis
Conroe, TX 77301
  Telephone: 936-756-1512
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Vickie Moles
  Email Address: vickie.moles@oneofficefurniture.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-7
  Company: Reber Total Office Environment
Flower Mound, TX
  Telephone: 972-874-2880
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Brenda Reber
  Email Address: brenda@rebertotaloffice.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-33
  Company: Royer&Schutts Inc.
  Address: 200 Bailey Avenue #220
Ft. Worth, TX 76107
  Telephone: 817-332-5424 x 130
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Honor Rowe
  Email Address: honor@royer-furn.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-8
  Company: Shelton-Keller Group
  Address: 6301 East Stassney Lane Bldg 9-100
Austin, TX 78744
  Telephone: 512-481-1500
  Fax Number: 512-481-1550
  Contact: Diana Keller
  Email Address: dkeller@sheltonkeller.com
  Company: South Texas School Furniture
  Address: 107 North Main
Hallettsville, TX 77964
  Telephone: 361-798-4364
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Larura Jirkovsky
  Email Address: lauraj@texaslibrary.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-4
  Company: The Luck Company
Houston, TX
  Telephone: 713-527-0708
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Jere Luck
  Email Address: jere@theluckcompany.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-24
  Company: The Spencer Company
  Address: 2121 No. Akard Street #100
Dallas, TX 75201
  Telephone: 214-720-0345
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Mary Spencer
  Email Address: mspencer@spencer-furniture.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-10
  Company: Thomas Contract Furniture, Inc.
Dallas, TX
  Telephone: 214-714-3331x106
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Mike Thomas
  Email Address: mike@thomasfurniture.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-31
  Company: Tusa Office Solutions, Inc.
  Address: 4201 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007
  Telephone: 214-764-6400
  Fax Number: 214-764-6420
  Contact: Sara Desjardins
  Email Address: sdesjardins@tusaoffice.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-1
  Company: Wilson Project Management, LLC
Dallas, TX
  Telephone: 817-771-9306
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Brooke Blomstrom
  Email Address: blomstrombr@wilson-pm.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-32
  Company: Workplace Solutions
  Address: 2651 North Harwood Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75201
  Telephone: 214-741-9667
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Brian Kurth
  Email Address: bian@wpsolutions.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-14
  Company: Workspace Resource
Conroe, TX
  Telephone: 936-756-1512
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Karen McFarland
  Email Address: kmacfarland@workspace-resource.com
  Tax ID: TXMAS-4-7110140-17

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