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State Contracts

Contract Number: TXMAS-14-710170
Effective Date: 06/17/2014 - 06/16/2019


Series Name:
All series
% Discount:
57.9% off list price and add 1.5228% to net price
Additional Quantity Discount:
For detailed information, please refer to the inside cover of the GSA pricelist.
Quick Ship Programs:
Quick ship are available on specific products - see price list or contact dealer for more information.
Installation Costs:
Quoted on a per job basis.
Shipping/Delivery Costs:
Quoted on a per job basis.

Order Instructions
  • For orders placed directly to Highmark by a State Agency, please name the local dealer.
  • For orders placed by a dealer, please attach a copy of the State Agency purchase order.
Highmark Contact Information
  Vendor: Highmark
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Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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5559 McFadden Ave.
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  Highmark Servicing Dealers
  Company: BP Interiors, LLC
  Address: 2944 Sunset Ridge
McKinney, TX 75070
  Telephone: 469-450-5415
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Bruce
  Email Address: bruce@bpinteriordesign.com
  Company: Business Interiors By Staples - Houston
  Address: 6400 Hollister Rd.
Houston, TX 77040
  Telephone: 713-934-6328
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Peter Brodsky
  Email Address: peter.brodsky@staples.com
  Company: Jimenez Contract Services, Inc.
  Address: 1246 Silber Rd.
Houston, TX 77055
  Telephone: 713-681-6407 x106
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Blake Blazek
  Email Address: bblazek@j-c-s.com
  Company: Nelson Interiors, LLC
  Address: 1914 Grandstand Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78238
  Telephone: 210-684-2624
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Robbie Nelson
  Email Address: robbie@nelsoninteriors.com
  Company: South Texas School Furniture
  Address: 107 North Main Street
Hallettsville, TX 77964
  Telephone: 361-798-4364
  Fax Number:
  Contact: Laura Jirkovsky
  Email Address: laura@texaslibrary.com
  Company: Workspace Resource
  Address: 11133 I-45 South, Suite 330
Conroe, TX 77302
  Telephone: 936-756-1512
  Fax Number:
  Contact: James Strole
  Email Address: jstrole@workspace-resource.com

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